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Cantor - Zoom widget and tooltips

Hello everyone,

this is the second post about the progress in my GSoC project and I want to present the new zoom widget feature and some useful tooltip changes.

As the name says, the zoom widget feature brings a zoom widget in Cantor. This widget is more useful than the previous workflow with "increase/decrease zoom" actions for them, if you for example want to directly zoom to 200%:

It also important to notice that there are people who don't zoom often and dislike one more wide widget in main toolbar. As usual in KDE applications, they can just hide the widget via the toolbar settings dialog:

The second mentioned change is simple, but quite useful. As you can see in the following screenshot, the description text exposed to the user in Cantor's settings dialog is a balance between "short and useless text" and "detailed explanation which don't fit into the settings window". This was the situation before. Now, the detailed explanation pops up as a tooltip and the main setting text is a short text, which better fits into the dialog:

In the next post I plan to show another important and somewhat bigger feature which about handling of external graphical packages inside of Cantor.

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